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What Makes a Great Makeup Mirror

        Choosing a great makeup mirror isn’t hard as long as you do some research and figure out what you want beforehand. Don’t put if off as it truly is a must-have addition to any master bathroom. In the end, your decision will come down to high-quality features such as magnification and built-in lights, but part of your decision making process will also be based on the design aesthetics of your bathroom.
Makeup Mirror

        You will need to meet logistical requirements due to the arrangement of your bathroom which will help you decide if you would prefer a wall-mounted or tabletop mirror. If your table or counter is not at the optimal height for makeup application, a wall-mounted mirror will allow you to put your reflection right where you need it. On the other hand, if you prefer to sit at a vanity, a tabletop mirror will likely be the best option as it gives you the flexibility to move it around as desired.


        Dual-sided mirrors are quickly becoming the standard in high end makeup mirrors thanks to their multi-purpose functions. One side is usually free of magnification for an accurate view of your face while the other will feature the magnification of your choosing.

        Clear, distortion-free magnification is a useful tool for personal care including grooming to makeup application to tweezing. Mirrors range from zero to 15x magnification with options available everywhere in between. This choice will come down to personal preference and you should try to pick a level of magnification that takes into account your desire for detail as well as your vision without glasses or contacts. Many people do not immediately consider the benefits a mirror with magnification can have for those who are dependent on corrective lenses.